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TV Fit

In the US and UK, just 14% of the population have gym memberships. Gym drop out rates in the first 8 weeks of membership can be as high as 80%, & 1 in 3 people in the UK aren’t getting enough exercise.

However, the fitness industry is growing, from £4.9bn (UK, 2019) to a predicted £5.3bn (2023), due partly to the rise in home exercise.

TV.FIT has over 100 hours of health & wellbeing content from global fitness experts & celebrities. Our subscription service is accessed in 66 countries across 6 continents.

We have formed significant B2B partnerships to offer TV.FIT to over 6m people, including TruFusion (12k users), CoolEvents (6m users) & ITV, and are working on others with a potential of over 10m corporate employees.

Competitors tend to focus purely on fitness, while we recognise the importance of good mental health. Our 'Living Life to the Full' e-books are recommended by the NHS & provide self-help support for a healthy, fulfilled lifestyle.